CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

Posted by admin on January 23, 2023

Hello Everyone,

The crypto winter is here & we are all trying to find ways to stay busy as this tough period phases out & brings back the bright summer with unlimited potential for all of us crypto enthusiasts. But the real question is how we will ever reach that potential without going mainstream. 2021 was the bull run when crypto reached unprecedented heights and then came 2022 when everyone decided to put their heads down to focus on building world-class dApps that will challenge the current web world but it all came down to the most important element, value.

Last year was an eye-opener for several projects in the Web3 space including us wherein we went back to the drawing board and thought of creating more value. Value, that will bring in the masses, the users, & eventually, bring in revenue. A term used very less often in Web3 but it is definitely the key to opening the long-term viability of all our ideas put together to challenge centralization & move towards decentralization through blockchain.

Hence we decided to dedicate the year 2023 to user acquisition to bring in revenue so that we can sustain & build a well-connected blockchain experience for the ecosystem in the most decentralized way possible. Interestingly, with the sudden re-emergence of AI to the scene, it becomes more important than ever to keep the blockchain in the limelight and solve real problems of the world through its actual ideology, i.e social change. We at Gather are taking this big opportunity to evolve our brand to better communicate with the developers who are the flag bearers of this upcoming revolution of sorts that allows the concept of the shared economy to take shape & change lives.

We will be rebranding & moving our focus from the three different products to one product so that we can gather users onto our platform & create a decentralized ecosystem of developers who share their unused processing power to sustainably use our blockchain, earn GTH tokens & build their dApps on our chain in the most cost-effective way possible. Gather will strongly focus on onboarding thousands of developers onto the platform within the first two quarters of 2023 & aim at helping these developers build at least 100 dApps on the Gather chain, which will eventually generate more value for the GTH holders who have been loyal to the brand since its inception. We have started the year on the right foot, with 10 dApps already on the platform, we are more confident than ever to achieve our target & continue to sail through this crypto winter.

We have an experienced team of engineers who are working on making the Gather chain scalable & our targeting a transaction speed of five thousand transactions per second. Simultaneously, our marketing & business development team will be moving ahead with our newly formed strategy to connect with the developers online & offline through tech camps, hackathons & meetups. Eventually adding some awesome brain power to our community that will help us drive the future ahead. We have always been user-focused & our aim this year will be to become the most User Centric Chain in the Web3 space, creating a frictionless onboarding experience for developers by introducing our own non-custodial crypto wallet that will be available with grade-A security and also removing gas fee completely for our developers for the first year of their usage. Not only this, but we will also be rolling out a publisher node incentivization scheme which will allow developers to earn while they build on Gather. This will help manage distribution & provide better security to the overall ecosystem.

We have been fortunate to have you as our community who have supported us through thick & thin. And it’s time for you to be patient and keep supporting your favorite chain as it moves ahead in its journey to bring actual decentralization in the blockchain space by creating a shared economy where everybody wins!

Stay tuned for such announcements from our end as we move forward in becoming the first choice of developers to build their dApps & use the power of the Gather community to become world ready.