Can Blockchain Fix Enterprise Cloud Computing? | Popular Read

Can Blockchain Fix Enterprise Cloud Computing? | Popular Read

Posted by admin on June 25, 2021

Blockchain offers a more cost-effective solution


With industry giants currently holding the keys to the kingdom, cloud computing has become cost ineffective for many businesses when used on a daily basis.

Leading cloud computing providers such as Google require vast amounts of space and resources to run server farms on such an enormous scale, and this is unsurprisingly reflected in the cost for the end user.

This would be somewhat acceptable if the end user actually used all that they had paid for, but unfortunately this is not the case and more than a third of spending on cloud computing is wasted.

As data processing costs rise, blockchain can bypass the overheads that are associated with typical cloud storage.

Blockchain based cloud providers do not have to charge end users higher prices as a result of running huge processing farms, and therefore can offer computing power at a fraction of the cost of centralised cloud providers.

This is one of several USP’s driving attention toward innovative companies such as Gather.


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