Moonrock Capital Invests In Gather

Moonrock Capital Invests In Gather

Posted by admin on January 7, 2020



MoonRock Capital


Moonrock Capital is officially one of the backers of Gath3r now and will be providing their network reach to spread Gath3r platform’s benefits on digital advertising, cryptocurrency mining and cloud computing both on B2C and B2B channels.


Simon Dedic, Managing Partner Moonrock Capital said: “We believe there is massive potential in Gath3r, as it tackles a real world problem of the digital era through a combination of pretty smart approaches. Furthermore, not only the technology, but also having experienced the CEO‘s strong ambition to achieve his vision has caught our interest to support the project. We are extremely excited to be an early backer of Gath3r and are looking forward to what’s to come for the project.


Raghav Reggie Jerath, CEO of Gath3r added: “We are excited as Gath3r is now officially backed by Moonrock Capital; Alex, Simon and Jonathan share our vision with regards to reshaping digital advertising, blockchain mining and cloud computing markets via an alternate form of web monetization that the Gath3r platform offers. As long term partners, Gath3r will be achieving a lot through their expertise, network and advice, we look forward to a strong relationship with the team.


About Moonrock Capital


Moonrock Capital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Partnership based in London and Hamburg. Moonrock Capital believes Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will drastically change the way industries and markets operate on a global scale. Therefore, Moonrock Capital is dedicated to helping young startups and more established projects accelerate their growth and thrive in this industry. Moonrock Capital develops unique growth strategies focused on the key aspects of blockchain business by leveraging key relationships and our experience in this industry. To find out more about MoonRock Capital investment thesis and their recent work, please visit:


About Gath3r


Gath3r looks to democratise the compute power industry by harnessing the power of spare processing capacity of publishers for the benefit of businesses, blockchains, developers and webmasters. Through the use of spare processing power generated by publishers, Gath3r is able to help secure and launch blockchains by use of merged mining, while at the same time, businesses and enterprises can use Gath3r for their processing needs as a cheaper alternative as compared to today’s centralized solutions, all while providing an alternate form of monetization for publishers. The Gath3r blockchain is powered by the GTH cryptographic currency which facilitates payments and transactions within the hybrid ecosystem.


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