Gather announces new partnership with news media & education company: Collective Evolution

Gather announces new partnership with news media & education company: Collective Evolution

Posted by admin on April 19, 2021


Gather is very excited to announce a new exciting partnership with Collective Evolution, a news media & education company examining how humanity can shift our thinking and state of being to evolve beyond the personal and global challenges we face. Collective Evolution will integrate Gather’s core product to their site, offering a better, ad-reduced experience with a fairer income model for the content creators.


Founded by Joe Martino in 2009, CE (Collective Evolution) has grown to become a key player in changing the face of media, integrating practices of self-regulation into the exploration of current events. Their conversations help ask deeper questions around why society is the way it is and how we can work to create a world where humanity can truly thrive. CE will provide the processing power of their users by having their express permission, ready to be distributed to enterprises and devs through Gather’s cloud computing technology, for additional income and a better & more rewarding user experience. While solidifying their mutual vision for the future of the digital content, they will also be able to create a beneficial system for all parties, enabled through the use of processing power.


Once Gather’s easy to incorporate blockchain technology is integrated, CE users will just need to opt-in to share their processing power to get rewarded for their time spent on CE through Gather’s loyalty program.


With this new partnership, both parties will enjoy new exposure to their respective networks, expanding their reach by paving the way for the future of digital content with less noise, and with a community based online monetization model.


Reggie Jerath, Gather CEO’s thoughts on the new partnership:

“Our partnership with CE points out to new, alternative ways of internet monetization that is eliminating the unwanted dependency to online ad revenues. CE will integrate Gather Online to their platform to reward their users for the time spent on their website, enabling a new form of passive income through our loyalty program, creating an important exposure for both parties and better user experience for its large community.”


CE’s Founder Joe Martino added:

“It has been very difficult monetizing as a news platform seeking to have cutting edge conversations. Censorship and changing ad models has been a big challenge. Thanks to our new partnership with Gather, we’ll be able to implement an innovative way to monetize our content while maintaining our high quality user experience. This is really a glimpse of what the future would like for the content creators.”


About Collective Evolution

As stated on their about page: “We live in a time where virtually every aspect of our society is crumbling or transitioning – media, technology, consciousness, economies, education, relationships and more. Power is shifting and old ways of looking at and understanding our world are no longer working. New conversations are emerging that encourage us to look more deeply at why our world is the way it is, and what about us creates it to be this way. The questions of who we are, why we are here and what world we truly wish to create, are on the table for us to re-approach.
Collective Evolution is a news-media and education company that creates content to explore these questions, conversations and transitions, and examine how humanity can shift our consciousness and way of being to evolve beyond the personal and global challenges we face. Of course, it’s time we re-ignite curiosity and playfulness in the process.”

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About Gather

Gather has developed a powerful new technology that allows web and mobile developers to earn money by contributing processing power , unlike any other digital monetization tool available today. Imagine an Internet where web and application developers can generate revenue without having to rely on intrusive Ads. A new revenue stream without ads, and one that is reliable and rewarding. The processing power gathered will then be redistributed, providing a cheaper alternative to current Cloud markets products. Gather is unlocking a new type of business model for the internet by allowing publishers to monetize without ads and by providing businesses & developers access to affordable and reliable processing power.

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