Gather Ecosystem Update – 2022 Q1

Gather Ecosystem Update – 2022 Q1

Posted by admin on March 30, 2022

Dear Gather Community!


Here’s an ecosystem update on all the things going on behind the scenes for the last quarter, where we are currently on the roadmap & what is to come in the near future.


Probably everyone is familiar with the recent Ascendex Hack that happened back in December, we were able to freeze the contract and intervened in a timely manner. Subsequently, the new token contract was created for ERC20 with banning capabilities. Old LP tokens were rescued with a special contract, and fortunately, over $2 million worth of ETH & GTH were saved. We are still in the process of rescuing the old LP tokens on a monthly basis, reminding the community every month.


BSC Bridge Launch

Bridge is live! 

Gather BEP20 token contract was created for the BSC Chain. Pancakeswap trading started for GTH BEP20. Additionally, a new liquidity incentive program for Pancakeswap has started.


Minerva is on Track for Q1


As a part of Minerva release, Gather native coin bridge will be going live, enabling swaps between GTH native <> GTH ERC20 & BEP20 tokens, making Gather chain publicly accessible to build on its Layer 1.  


We have conducted a few surveys to analyze our community’s preferences on staking & based on these results we have concluded that there is enough demand for a staking program on the Gather blockchain. Therefore, we have decided to end the current Ascendex Staking program and initiate our new on-chain Gather staking program over the next few weeks. Please follow our social media channels to be up to date on Gather staking programs.


Gather Online Is Up & Running with 55% Growth Rate After the Relaunch

Gather Online Network has 630 registered clients today, with 55% growth after relaunch. Routine token burns have started to be executed at the end of every month. The total burnt amount to date is 22,838,987 GTH.  With this latest burn, the total life cycle supply of GTH is now reduced to 577.2 Million GTH from 600 Million GTH (400M initial allocations + 200M to be mined over 12 years).


We also have managed to onboard various notable publishers along the process such as Bookstr, Shoofmax, Synrgise, Bad Crypto Podcast, SafeHub, Bold.TV


There are many updates in the pipeline, and we’re more than excited to share these new features with you.


– Gather Online UX improvements( based on the suggestions from the community)

– Gather Online Publisher Dashboard improvements (with Basic Stats) 

– Gather Online Referral Program

– Gather Online Loyalty Program to bring additional utility for GTH.

– Gather Online Premium Features


Gather Cloud

A major milestone for us, Gather Cloud has been successfully audited for ISO 27001 for being ISMS compliant, this is very important as we are to approach large multinational clients for Gather Cloud and high-security standards for the product are essential to navigate in that space.


We are also working on unlocking various features for Gather Cloud. Recently Gather File Transfer Service v2 with enhanced UI/UX has been released, please check our video.

Upcoming updates on Gather Cloud:


Patent is under process. 

-Support for Linux machines to be enabled in 3 months(currently Gather Cloud is compatible with Windows)

-Next service in development is Container as a Service. 


What is “Containers as a Service”?

Containers as a service (CaaS) is a subscription-based cloud service model that allows you to manage containers, applications, and clusters using APIs, container-based virtualization, or Web portals. The service helps to streamline the process of developing and managing containers within software-defined infrastructure deployed on-premise or in cloud environments.


Gather Enterprise


Gather Enterprise won a $600,000 contract for the development of POS Software to transact using $GTH tokens, for retail cash management purposes via existing Crypto ATM machines. We have done a USDT Airdrop for masternode holders upon our first revenue-generating contract for the Gather Enterprise, more yet to come. 

We have various Incubation projects in the pipeline, these will be communicated as they progress.

GatherSwap is in the works!

One of our main incubation projects is GatherSwap: a DEX that will be built on the Gather chain with its ticker GTHx.


The MVP will be launched on Ethereum Network with Swap functionality. Gather Staking is planned to have additional yields for GTHx tokens. We expect GatherSwap to evolve into a lending & derivative trading platform in the long run that will operate on the Gather chain.


And finally let’s share some general updates on team & community, series A & exchange listings.


We’re recently listed on BKEX Global, a major CEX with great volumes. 


Red Beard Ventures has taken a large position in our Series A round.


Our team is growing; we have now 57 team members: 

  • 6 Full-Time Tech  
  • 19 Part-Time Tech
  • 3 Marketing 
  • 2 Operations 
  • 2 Finance 
  • 1 Sales
  • 1 CEO
  • 1 Investor Relations
  • 1 General Counsel
  • 7 Advisors
  • 14 Community Managers


We are currently hiring for the following positions: 

  • Frontend Dev
  • Backend Dev
  • Quality Analyst
  • Blockchain Dev
  • Blockchain Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Sales Global
  • Enterprise Sales Manager


Please check our Careers page for the open positions: 


In the coming months, there will be some joint ventures & fundraisings with some very exciting corporate responsibility projects. We’ve started to work with a local PR company Media Mantra to raise awareness in the Indian region through organic content & articles.


Community Growth:

In the past year, we have seen our community grow exponentially here are some rough numbers:  


– Our Wallet Holders are up by 250%

– Community Growth has been 146%

– Community Engagement is up by 233%



– Attended the DubaiBlockchain Summit (Feb 15-17) where we received  “The Startup of the Year” award.

– Gather Founder & CEO Reggie Raghav Jerath is listed by Gulf Entrepreneur magazine as one of the 10 most successful Gulf entrepreneurs to watch in 2022.


Recent Youtube Reviews of Gather:


Cowboys of Crypto 

Farhan Hussain


Savvy Finance 

Crypto Diary

Michael Wrubel 

Xen Sams podcast with Reggie

Innovators Show with Jane King



From the PR standpoint, we have been covered by some notable publications recently and I’ve listed some of them below: 





Benzinga Cannabis

News BTC 

Crypto Reporter 

Times of India

Data Quest

Business News Week


Thank you,

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