Gather Introduces Its First Incubee: Paidtogo A Mobile App Gamifying Physical Exercise

Gather Introduces Its First Incubee: Paidtogo A Mobile App Gamifying Physical Exercise

Posted by admin on June 14, 2021

Gather is happy to announce that it’s expanding the ecosystem by starting its first incubation project with PaidToGo, a publisher in Gather Network. Paidtogo is a walk-and-run tracker that pays users cash or bitcoin for their physical activities. The application addresses four crucial problems of today’s world: health issues, traffic congestion, pollution and city livability, by encouraging users to be physically active through an incentive rewards scheme.

Over the next few weeks, the seed round for Paidtogo will take place, as a part of Gather’s incubation process by utilizing Gather’s extensive network. $GTH holders that meet the criteria (check the matrix below) will be given exclusive access to participate in the $PTG private sale in the following weeks. Public sale (IDO) will follow on an open platform. In addition, some portion of the raise will be available to qualified $GTH holders as an airdrop event. Snapshot dates for this airdrop will be announced after the private sale round.

$PTG will be the utility token of Paid To Go ecosystem, incorporated on top of Gather’s blockchain, as a turnkey blockchain solution by Gather using Gather’s layer 1 to secure the new chain without relying on external parties. Gather’s incubation projects, supporting ecosystem builders. Paidtogo CEO Aaron Soth-Evans is also running as a candidate for the child chain seat in the Gather Foundation and an ecosystem member & auxiliary chain representative.


Full metrics below.


Benefits to GTH token holders – Matrix for PTG Private Sale


Seed Sale Round

Fundraise: $199,500

Price: $0.007

Lock-up: 10% unlocked on listing, vested over 9 months.


Private Sale Round

Fundraise: $1,260,000

Price: $0.015

Lock-up: 12% unlocked on listing, vested over 6 months.


Public Sale Round

Fundraise: $150,000

Price: $0.020

Lock-up: 100% unlocked


PTG Token Utility:

The Paidtogo Token (PTG) will have multiple utility features in the Paidtogo app ecosystem. It can be staked for increased Coin rewards, staked for an APY, and given out for contests and goal rewards.

Staking: 10% Increase in Coin rewards per mile for every 200 Tokens staked

Staking APY: 20% APY for staking. 

Buybacks: A percentage of in app purchases, ad revenue and sponsor revenue will be used to purchase the PTG token

Staking Requirements:

  • Sponsors are required to stake 10,000 coins in order to create a community pool or advertise in PaidToGo app’s international pools
  • Users earn 2% more Coins per mile for every 200 tokens staked
  • Staking APY: 20%

Secure Tokens – Secured by the Gather blockchain ecosystem 

Crypto Promotion payments – similar to Coinbase Earn where users can earn crypto for walking and running after learning about the crypto. They can spend the crypto from their wallet

In App Wallet – Store Tokens in the Paidtogo app wallet. Coins can be swapped for Tokens. Tokens can be sent to other users. Tokens can be staked for rewards.

In app cloud processing – Paidtogo will integrate Gather’s core functionality to earn additional Tokens for sharing their spare processing power. Users can see how many Tokens they eaprn per minute or hour in the in app dashboard screen.

Additional Token Utility Features:

  1. Individual Step Wager – Wager your tokens against a goal of walking 50,000 – 100,000 steps in a week. If you win you get 1.25x – 2x, if you lose your tokens are burned.
  2. Group Pool Wagers – Wager your tokens in group pools for weekly prizes. If you hit 10,000 steps a day for 7 days straight, tokens are divided amongst winners, -30% that are burned
  3. Team Competition – Join a team and compete against other teams for monthly prizes. Top 20% of Teams with the most steps at the end of the month split entry fee (tokens) – 30% burned. Perfect for corporate wellness programs competing against other companies or teams within a company competing against each other
  4. Paidtogo Store – Purchase Fitbit, Apple Watch and running shoes, gift cards  etc… with Tokens. Retailers need to purchase and stake PTG Tokens to list their products in the store.
  5. Loyalty Program – Similar to a loyalty card, Earn tokens for visiting (checking-in) to a participating retailer. Every [x] visits rewards the user a discount or free item that can be redeemed by burning [y] Token. 
  6. Local Community Pools -Users can join local geofenced community pools set up by local governments/community associations that want to reduce traffic, encourage exercise and promote local businesses. Tokens are purchased by local governments and retail associations (as well as community donations) and are used to incentivize walking and biking in the area. The Tokens in the community pools can have different names like “San Antonio Coin” or “London Coin” and only be usable at retailers in the geofence. Ties into the loyalty program above.
  7. Earn Gather – Users can earn Gather Tokens for sharing their processing power for distributed cloud computing. Users can swap their Gather Tokens for Paidtogo Token (PTG) and receive a 10% premium in PTG Tokens on the exchange rate.

Prizes, contests and airdrops to the community:

  • Lotto – Purchase tickets with PTG Tokens for chance at winning prizes
  • Bounties – Earn tokens for promoting Paidtogo Token (PTG)
  • Airdrops – Periodic Airdrops to token holders


About Paidtogo

Paidtogo is a fitness and active commute tracking app for IOS and Android that pays users for walking and running. Users can earn Paidtogo Coins($PTG) by the mile and redeem them for cash, Bitcoin (and soon Gather $GTH tokens!).





About Gather Network

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