Gather Launches Mercury Release To Bring Gather Online to Publishers

Gather Launches Mercury Release To Bring Gather Online to Publishers

Posted by admin on April 30, 2021


Gather has announced that its Mercury Release (Gather’s Own Blockchain’s 1st Mainnet Release) will go live on April 30. This first release will initiate Gather’s core product, Gather Online with its primary function to allow publishers to integrate it into their websites to generate revenue.


For the first 2 weeks, a limited number of publishers will have exclusive access to the live product. The initial onboarding and integrations will be in batches to avoid any issue that may rise due to high demand. To honor the mainnet release, Gather has also removed the fees associated with the registration only for a limited period of time, welcoming all the new publishers to sign up immediately.


Gather Online: A New Way To Monetize for Publishers


Gather is a new way for businesses to monetize online, a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads, providing businesses and developers access to cheap and reliable processing power. No one likes ads and the majority of websites and mobile apps do not make a reliable source of income with ads alone.


Maximize Your Revenue


On average, Gather Online brings 1.4x revenue compared to the current advertising rates. The longer the session lengths are, the higher the revenue that publishers would generate (as opposed to the number of ads displayed). This is where Gather differentiates from the traditional digital advertising model. For a 30 minute session, revenue can be as high as 20x compared to a single banner ad.


With Gather Online, you can integrate multiple platforms and manage them separately. Most importantly, Gather does not hold any user data. With rise in ad-blockers, data breaches, ad-tracking and privacy concerns, it’s an alternate and safe form of online monetization solution that content creators need today.


What’s in the pipeline for Gather after this release?


1. An NFT airdrop for full masternode holders will take place in the days following the Gather Mercury announcement. This will create a secondary market where people can buy and sell NFTs, instead of buying and selling their tokens for masternodes.

2. The Community Hub and The Foundation ecosystem member vote portals will go live after the Gather Mercury Release.

3. Gather Minerva Release: On-chain masternodes and staking will be available as part of Gather Minerva release. Users will be able to install Gather nodes starting with this phase..

4. More Masternodes & New Programs for Publishers: There will be a brand new batch of masternodes which will allow people to contribute and stake $GTH before the Minerva release. On the publishers’ side, loyalty and referral programs, payout in other cryptocurrencies and fiat will be available with the Gather Minerva release.

5. Gather Jupiter Release: This release will cover Gather Cloud and all Gather Child Chain integrations. On the publisher side, application integrations will also be possible in addition to websites.


About Gather

Gather has developed a powerful new technology that allows web and mobile developers to earn money by contributing processing power , unlike any other digital monetization tool available today. Imagine an Internet where web and application developers can generate revenue without having to rely on intrusive Ads. A new revenue stream without ads, and one that is reliable and rewarding. The processing power gathered will then be redistributed, providing a cheaper alternative to current Cloud markets products. Gather is unlocking a new type of business model for the internet by allowing publishers to monetize without ads and by providing businesses & developers access to affordable and reliable processing power.

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