Gather Minerva Release Is LIVE

Gather Minerva Release Is LIVE

Posted by admin on March 31, 2022

Gather Minerva Release Is LIVE

After continuous work & dedication, Minerva Release is now LIVE, bridging ERC20 & BEP20 networks to Gather’s native chain Layer1. Gather blockchain is backed by GTHash as its algorithm, the gas fee is fixed & extremely low, which makes it affordable & sustainable. It’s EVM compatible, so various developer communities & dApps can now easily build on top of it.

Let’s dive into the details below.

What is Gather Layer 1 blockchain?


Gather Layer 1 is pow based blockchain, customized to have a reduced and sustainable memory hardness to cater to the ever-growing, web-mining ecosystem of miners. The blockchain is backed by GTHash as its algorithm. The gas fee is fixed and extremely low which makes it affordable and sustainable, and fits well with the overall objective.


Since Gather blockchain is originally forked from Ethereum (Geth) and hence EVM compatible, one can leverage almost all the work that is done by various development communities in the areas of Smart contracts, Token assets, distributed apps, etc in order to deploy on Gather blockchain.


The primary language to write smart contracts on Gather is Solidity.  Any development tools like Truffle, Remix, Hardhat can be used for the development of Smart Contracts or Dapps.


What can you do with Gather mainnet?

  • Send / Receive GTH
  • Use a cross-chain transfer bridge between Ethereum and BSC
  • Deploy smart contracts 
  • Deploy GRC20 tokens
  • Deploy dApps or DeFi 
  • Use Gather web wallet


How do you engage with Gather blockchain?


Gather provides two public environments as of today: Testnet for testing purposes and Mainnet for production deployment. 


Gather Mainnet –


Gather Testnet –




How to Deploy Smart Contracts?


Given the fact that Gather is forked from Ethereum (Geth), the documentation provided for Ethereum can be leveraged for Gather too.

Some pointers:


Know Smart Contracts

Deploy your first smart contract


How to Deploy GRC20 tokens?

In addition to Ethereum (Geth) documentation for the purpose, you can refer to the sample smart contract provided below to create your own GRC20 Token.


Some Pointers:


GRC20 token Standard

ERC20 token Standard


How to Deploy DApps?


Same for dApps, existing documentation can be leveraged for Gather too.




Create and Deploy a DeFi app


Gather Web Wallet: It can be sync with your existing wallet. More features are on the way.

Gather Bridge: It allows cross-chain transfers of GTH between Ethereum (ERC20), Binance (BEP20), and Gather mainnet (GTH native)


Three main steps to follow 

  • Approve GTH
  • SWAP
  • Sign to Claim Funds


Configure Metamask



Setup metamask with details shown in the snapshot. 

Use testnet information for Gather testnet, and mainnet information for setting up a metamask wallet for the Gather mainnet.