Gather Starts New Partnership with DAFI Protocol: a Platform Creating Synthetics to Reward Networks

Gather Starts New Partnership with DAFI Protocol: a Platform Creating Synthetics to Reward Networks

Posted by admin on March 10, 2021


Gather is extremely excited to start a new strategic partnership with DAFI Protocol, a platform to create synthetics to reward networks, for long term users, solving the biggest issue within decentralized economies – by rewarding users later, instead of earlier.


Dafi rewards users in a network through adoption-tied synthetics, instead of directly issuing tokens. These synthetics are distributed to users in a reduced quantity initially, to protect a token from hyperinflation. Longer-term users are later rewarded when network demand has grown.


Gather has built a marketplace based platform that allows publishers to monetize content without or fewer ads, and provides businesses and developers access to affordable and reliable processing power through Gather Cloud.


Through this collaboration, Gather will explore the creation of a network-pegged synthetic token on the DaFi protocol to enhance token-scarcity during low-demand phases & will explore ways to use dGTH token for rewarding, such as the Liquidity Provider Incentive Program rewards while DAFI Protocol will be exploring the possibility of monetizing their platform via Gather Online and further reward their community with Gather’s loyalty program. This new partnership will mutually benefit both parties by expanding their respective ecosystems and creating value for both sides.


Gather, once integrated to DAFI, will expand its reach by introducing Gather to Dafi’s large network, when visitors opt in to share their processing power, by giving their express permission, creating an additional source of revenue for Dafi, while also expanding Gather Cloud with more processing power.


DAFI and GTH Token


DAFI enables any blockchain, cryptocurrency, or application to create their own version of a dToken, each pegged to the demand of their own native token’s demand. Through this collaboration with DAFI, Gather will explore the creation of a network-pegged synthetic token on the DAFI protocol. dGTH would be a synthetic version of Gather Network’s GTH tokens. dGTH tokens will be created in a reduced quantity and pegged to the demand of the Gather network. This enhances their token scarcity during low-demand phases and allows GTH users to be rewarded later when the demand has risen in the network. This will act as a booster for Gather’s Liquidity Program.


With this partnership, Gather will also explore the integration of $DAFI, Dafi Protocol’s native token, as one of the main payout options for their core product Gather Online, which will also give them additional exposure to the global user base of Gather. As a result, this will give them the opportunity to reward their community in generating additional income in $DAFI. Gather will also be introduced to their ever-growing network, which will bring Gather one step closer to mass adoption and to the new audiences.


On the new partnership, Reggie Jerath, Gather Founder & CEO said:

“By forming our partnership with Dafi Protocol, we’re carrying our core product to new horizons, while also creating together a fairer business model with long term adoption written all over it. This is totally a game-changer as an innovative way of controlling hyperinflation and it brings us closer to a more sustainable & rewarding ecosystem.”


DAFI Protocol CEO Zain Rana added:

“We’re very excited about our collaboration with Gather, which looks like it could be a great addition to our platform. Rewarding our network of users with DeFi applications without disrupting the user experience is something we are always looking for. Together we’ll expand our respective networks and pave the way for a solid, self-sustainable ecosystem.”


About DAFI Protocol

DAFI uses synthetics pegged to different decentralized networks. Every blockchain, application and cryptocurrency can create a flavour of a dToken to reward their early users, while still enhancing scarcity when demand is low. Dafi can reward a network even when demand declines, by issuing synthetics that will reward user’s later — instead of earlier.



About Gather

Gather has developed a powerful new technology that allows web and mobile developers to earn money by contributing processing power , unlike any other digital monetization tool available today. Imagine an Internet where web and application developers can generate revenue without having to rely on intrusive Ads. A new revenue stream without ads, and one that is reliable and rewarding. The processing power gathered will then be redistributed, providing a cheaper alternative to current Cloud markets products. Gather is unlocking a new type of business model for the internet by allowing publishers to monetize without ads and by providing businesses & developers access to affordable and reliable processing power.

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