Gather Testnet is Up & Running and Mainnet is on the Horizon

Gather Testnet is Up & Running and Mainnet is on the Horizon

Posted by admin on March 12, 2021


We proudly announce that the long-awaited Gather testnet is up and running for the last two weeks without any problems.  First block was created on February 24th, 2021. Our testnet block explorer is available now at


And we brace for the mainnet!



Once connected to the Gather Testnet,  you can use our faucet to get your $GTH for the testnet phase through this link


Kindly note these tokens are not real $GTH tokens, they are only for use within the test environment. Test tokens have no value.


By doing this, we’ll be able to test thoroughly the send/receive flow of GTH tokens & ready for the main net which is planned for the end of this month


There will be 3 phases in Testnet until Mainnet.  


Testnet version 1 is now completed, including the set up of the Gather Testnet, which is operational right now. 

  • The Gather Layer 1 Blockchain  is a fork of the Ethereum network with  reduced memory hardness in the hashing algorithm which provides better user experience 
  • We call this modified hashing algorithm, GTHash
  • Proof Of Work Hashing is permissioned, to prevent unauthorized mining and 51% attacks, as the network is not memory har  (to be used only by publishers). 
  • Emission parameters are also adjusted as per Gather mainnet specifications ( )
  • Internal testing shows the blockchain is functioning as expected without any deviations
  • Known issues: 
    • Hardcoded Metamask explorer links redirects to blank Etherscan page instead of Gather testnet explorer
    • Hardcoded “ETH” indicator (instead of “GTH”) on some screens in Metamask


Next Phases:

  • The web miner and a new branded web wallet will be online and halving parameters will be adjusted to mainnet specifications by the third week of March.

  • The mining pool will be activated the following week to finalize the testnet version 2. 
  • Testnet version 3 will focus more on authentication, authorization & overall security and will be completed by the first week of April.
  • After testnet version 3, additional features such as merged mining, Gather Hybrid Cloud are being developed in parallel. The Private cloud proof of concept has been completed and the public cloud will be tested together with the masternodes towards the end of next month.


This will conclude the overall testing period, subsequently the mainnet will be initiated. 


Setting up MetaMask for Gather 


This is a guide to help you connect your MetaMask wallet to Gather Testnet.

1. Open MetaMask and select “Custom RPC” from the Network Dropdown.

2. In the “Custom RPC” Settings, add in the Gather Network details and click Save:

3. Gather Testnet-1 will be now added to the networks list and you will be now automatically switched to the Gather Testnet.

4. Your MetaMask wallet is now connected to the Gather Testnet-1, you can start doing transactions now.

NOTE: Don’t worry about the “Not connected” symbol in the MetaMask, it just shows that your wallet is not connected to the current site in your browser.

If you have followed the above steps in a sequential order, then your MetaMask wallet is now connected to Gather Network.


How To Use The Test Net Faucet


1. Open

2. Enter your Testnet GTH wallet address.

3. Submit your request using the “Request GTH” button

4. Gather block generation time is approximately 2 minutes, please be patient and wait for your test $GTH to appear on your wallet. The amount will be 0.5 GTH


Governance & Proposals 


The proposal hub, which is the milestone of Gather e-governance, will go online and ecosystem voting will take place in the next two weeks. Additionally, the Gather Team will appoint one member for the Foundation, which is currently being incorporated. The proposal hub will allow any GTH holder to connect via their wallets and submit new proposals.


  • Each proposal requires 50 USD worth of GTH to be sent to a burn address
  • All proposals that are submitted must be voted/accepted by Token Holders
  • Voting power: 1 $GTH = 1 vote
  • 51% approval is needed for the proposal to move to The Foundation. 
  • Minimum threshold of votes: 5% of the wallet count and 5% of the circulating supply
  • Foundation board members require 51% approval for the proposal to move forward.