Gather Welcomes Its First Ambassador, Crypto Krillin

Gather Welcomes Its First Ambassador, Crypto Krillin

Posted by admin on October 1, 2020

We are extremely excited to have our first sapphire ambassador, Crypto Krillin! Crypto Krillin is a very well known, respected trader in the crypto community and today we will have a chance to get to know him better in our mini interview.


Before we go ahead with the interview, let’s have a closer look on Gather ambassador programs. Gather’s Ambassador Program is composed of four main areas that we wish to address. Community outreach (Sapphire Program), publisher outreach (Onyx Program), developer outreach (Ruby Program), enterprise outreach (Emerald Program). These programs will be covering the areas we want to build further awareness for our solutions, namely Gather Network, Gather Online and Gather Cloud.


1. Sapphire – Gather Network Community Outreach: Engage and help build awareness about Gather Network for the cryptocurrency community, help create content that will expand, engage and retain the overall community.

2. Onyx – Gather Online Publisher Outreach: Spread awareness about Gather Online as an alternate form of monetization for websites and applications, proactively reach out to the relevant stakeholders and educate them about the benefits about using Gather Online.

3. Ruby – Gather Cloud Blockchain Developer Outreach: Spread awareness about Gather Cloud blockchain security solutions to both existing and potential new blockchains, proactively reach out to the relevant stakeholders and educate them about the benefits about using Gather Cloud.

4. Emerald – Gather Cloud Enterprise Outreach: Spread awareness about Gather Cloud to potential new enterprises, proactively reach out to the relevant stakeholders and educate them about the benefits about using Gather Cloud.


Now that we know more about the programs, we can continue to our mini interview with Crypto Krillin;

1. Can you tell us about yourself and how it all started?

I bought my first crypto in summer 2017 and loved every aspect of it. It was, and still is, the most exciting industry since the advent of the internet late 90s early 00s. I lost a lot of money pretty quickly, made a ton during the altseason – who didn’t? – and lost most of it again during the 2018 bear market. I was clueless about what had just hit me. I turned that frustration into motivation to learn how to trade properly. I spent 40 hours a week learning and trading on top of a full-time job. It was hard work but it paid off and I eventually became a full-time trader.


I felt that sharing charts and setups on Twitter would help with discipline and personal accountability. If followers made money taking my setups blindly, I’d have no excuse for not following my own setups! As I started to get decent at trading I quickly grew a following, which I’m quite proud of, though I don’t consider myself an influencer.


2. Why do you think it is a good idea to work with Gather? What is it that interests you about Gather?

I like Gather’s goals. With Adblock installed on almost every device, it’s obvious alternative monetization options have a lot of potential both for users and website owners.
I am not sure yet about the Gather Cloud part, I mean it has potential but it’s likely difficult to implement and I think it will be the main challenge for the team. But that’s also what’s making me so curious about Gather; I’ve been an IT specialist for a very long time before discovering trading, I’m looking forward to taking a closer look and discussing it with the devs!
I had calls with the Gather team, Reggie, Ayhan, and Charles and it felt right to be collaborating with them as an ambassador.


3. What value will you bring to Gather?

My background and experience allow me to understand the technical part, from the architecture to the code to quality check.
I am planning to write in-depth reviews of the current progress, and to use my online reach to raise awareness about Gather.
I will occasionally share a chart since technical analysis is my current specialty, but I’m afraid a bullish call may be perceived as shilling, which is not the goal here.


We thank Crypto Krillin for the mini interview and warmly welcome him again. If you also believe you can add value to Gather and are interested in our programs, please visit:
Stay tuned for more announcements as we expand our network.