Product Update & Deflationary Measures | Gather Online

Product Update & Deflationary Measures | Gather Online

Posted by admin on June 19, 2021

Dear Gather Publisher,

Gather Online, our core product that allows publishers to monetize, went live at the end of April and has been operational since then. We are beyond proud to have registered over 400 online businesses on the platform which has seen a healthy daily growth rate. As of now, we want to share the full scope update on the product, including what has been done so far and what will be our next steps.

A limited number of publishers are using the product to help us improve the overall user experience for Gather Online. The main reason for this approach was to address the potential unforeseen issues, hence why we chose to deliver the new tech to a small group of publishers first.


With the feedback received till now, and a seamless user experience, we have addressed the following:

  • Banner responsive design for desktop – compact, reduced text load and branded for Gather Online.
  • Banner responsive design for mobile – was covering the whole mobile screen earlier, now it is inline with Google’s publishing guidelines, covering less than 1/3 of the mobile screen.
  • Whitelisting with several antivirus and malware companies reported up to date in efforts to make it more transparent and secure to the end-user.
  • Publisher dashboard – live average hashrate and active miner indications are added per publisher site

Upcoming in the pipeline:

  • Covering whitelisting for all antivirus and malware
  • Publisher Dashboard:
    • Average earnings per site
    • Total earnings per site and for overall publisher account
    • Statistics graph per site and for overall publisher account
  • Loyalty Program
  • Referral ProgramNo performance or UX issues were reported during this period, which demonstrated the product is working fully functional.

What we have observed throughout this live product period was the concerns from the community regarding the inflation coming from publisher block rewards. The main reason is our ecosystem’s demand side (further use cases via child chains and Gather Cloud buyback and burn mechanisms) is not live yet. To balance the demand side of $GTH tokenomics, Gather Online will be paused for a period of 6 weeks to address the inflation hedge. No payment will be processed for the publishers starting from 21.06.2021, however, active publishers can keep the Gather Online code on for demo purposes after this date. Gather blockchain will still run, and the block rewards accrued during this period will be burned in a predetermined future date.

Gather will be instituting the road mapped deflationary measures during this period. Series A funding and PaidToGo seed raise will be concluded and Gather Online will undergo further product enhancement. Gather Online subscriptions will remain open for registration during this period.

With Series A raise, Gather aims to acquire an existing cloud company and have its clientele ready to generate more revenue with Gather Cloud, expand the technical and commercial teams, further high-level listings, and even grow the network for big publishers.

We want to thank you for your support as we continue our commitment to providing consistent quality and enhancement on our product.

Best Regards,
Gather Online Team