Project Update – 20 July 2021

Project Update – 20 July 2021

Posted by admin on July 20, 2021



  • The more projects using Gather chain, the higher the demand for GTH (deflationary measure)
  • Paidtogo seed round is ongoing, some amounts already committed by VCs
  • We’re talking with 4 more projects for incubation, to have their tokens on Gather chain, some of them are mature revenue generating projects whereas some are in the ideation phase:
    • Affiliate marketing business for offline retailers which is already operational, looking to add cryptocurrency cashback component to their existing cashback flow
    • $100M+ revenue DTC cannabis retailer delivering for top Cannabis brands within an hour or less throughout the west US, looking for a blockchain oriented cash flow system and supply chain.
    • Social impact project targeting to educate 1.6 Billion youth about philanthropy and sustainable financial literacy by way of a gamified learn and earn platform, looking for creating a staking/utility token to fuel their ecosystem
    • World’s first IoT based analytics platform with an underlying social responsibility to provide physically and emotionally safe space where young people can access quality after-school programmes, strong role models, and a range of services, opportunities and support –  looking for utilizing Gather Online for free wifi hubs they provide & Gather Cloud to power the apps built for kids while creating a utility token for this closed ecosystem
  • These projects will either have GRC20 utility tokens on Gather network or their own blockchains (Gather child chains) using merged mining
  • Sales team resources are actively used to further structure incubation projects, core team members are also providing guidance to address different parts of the business need (financial, marketing, product, legal)



  • Mechanics for “NFT as a Masternode Key” have been built and developed, art design is ongoing and airdrop is expected to take place latest by August.
  • Roadmaps/Timelines are getting clear and fixed; multiple processes are ongoing for blockchain and for products/sub-brands
  • Dual mining possibilities are investigated to be provided as an additional deflationary measure (mining other coins using Gather infrastructure)
  • Merged mining will be activated in Q4 (mining child chains that reside on Gather blockchain)
  • Gather Cloud: 
    • First set of enterprise ready services would be launched for private cloud in Q3’2021
    • Product & Tech development journey will be accompanied by topmost Global Technology Research Advisory firms (such as Gartner, Forrester..) by engaging on critical facets of product launch strategy, customer acquisition and business performance management throughout the business life cycle.
    • Public cloud side, where the masternodes will take active role for providing compute, will go live in Q4
  • Gather Minerva release (target Q3):
    • Minerva release aims to bring GTH holders to the native chain
    • Working with partners for building a bridge solution that will not only cover ERC20 to Gather native but also other chain connections, as well as a solution that can be used by child chain tokens
    • Staking and Masternode contracts to be created to move staking & masternode rewards to the native chain (masternodes or staking will not use or require node installation)
    • Masternodes will not need to run dedicated servers till public cloud solution is active in Q4 (ie. Masternode NFT holders will receive distributed block rewards instead of fixed 50% APY manual reward distribution)
    • Creation of utility tokens (GRC20) on Gather network using layer 1 will be possible after this release



  • Brand development is ongoing for Gather Cloud & Gather Enterprise 
  • Awareness campaigns will roll out as the product/services go live in line with tech roadmap
  • Website updates:
    • Careers page is live:
    • News section is updated
    • Community Hub page will be live, which will later allow GTH holders to see their eligibility for exclusive deals and record their request for participation for specific deals such as Paidtogo private sales
    • Gather Blockchain page will go live separately
  • For publisher sales (Gather Online):
    • Gather has initiated conversations with a leading content marketing firm which connects the world’s premier digital publishers with direct partnerships
    • Following up with mid/big size US publishers to introduce Gather Online and bring their value to the network
    • Participating to Affiliate Summit on July 19-20
  • For Gather Cloud:
    • A survey is initiated to better understand the needs of the industry professionals and to educate them at the same time for decentralized cloud value proposition
    • Certification requirements are getting clarified (mainly for ISO) in order to proceed and acquire the certifications to be able to conduct business activities with the enterprises
  • Pandemic has still an effect on certain regions of the world (ie. South Asia) to further conduct activities with blue chip companies



  • Series A round is ongoing, there are already commitments from VCs, target is to finalize the round in Q3


Human Resources

  • Actively interviewing and seeking candidates for these positions:
    • Marketing Manager 
    • Blockchain Developer
    • Front End Developer


Quote from Austin Shmuel, Head of Publisher Sales, North America:


“In my first month I have been speaking with both big and small publishers, introducing Gather Online to the US market. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to locking down some new partnerships. I have also been working with some amazing companies, continuing our process of expanding Gather’s ecosystem as we gear up for our next incubation project. Gather has such an unbelievably hard working, talented team and I am so excited for the future.”