Revolutionizing Content Monetization: Exploring Gather Network’s Ecosystem and Publisher Nodes

Revolutionizing Content Monetization: Exploring Gather Network’s Ecosystem and Publisher Nodes

Posted by Arnold on July 20, 2023


What is Gather Ecosystem

Gather Network is revolutionising the way publishers monetize their content by offering an alternative to traditional ads. It also provides businesses and developers with an affordable and dependable solution for accessing processing power. With Gather Network, publishers can now explore new revenue streams without relying on intrusive advertisements. 

Gather Network (GTH) has a 3-layer ecosystem

1️⃣ Layer 0: Gather Online – Collects processing power from publishers.

2️⃣ Layer 1: Gather Network – Hybrid proof of work and proof of stake blockchain.

3️⃣ Layer 2: Gather Cloud – Redistributes processing power to enterprises and blockchain developers without relying on miners.


What is Gather Online and how does it work? 

Gather Online, actively collects processing power from publishers. As the publishers grow & earn through their visitors based on their usage, a new proof of availability mechanism will be formed, thus promoting the Gather Network & eventually making it more secure. Eventually, reducing the carbon footprint & providing developers with an extra source of income while they can generate more revenue. Gather Online will also allow its Publishers to set up super cheap nodes which will help validate the Gather blockchain (Layer 1).

Gather Online operates through a seamless process:

  1. User Engagement: Users visit the Gather Online website and enjoy a user-friendly interface.
  2. Opt-In Procedure: Users opt into the platform with a simple one-click action, expressing their consent to participate.
  3. Financial Rewards: Users receive compensation for their processing power contribution, while publishers gain monetization opportunities without relying on traditional ads.

Gather Online is a live monetization scheme with more than 1,500 registered users as of writing and can be used in all websites, sign up today at and start generating additional revenue for your website!


What is a Publisher Node and How Will It Work?

A publisher node will be an essential component in a decentralized network that empowers individuals to contribute and promote decentralization. It will allow anyone to participate in the network and earn rewards in the form of $GTH tokens. 


What will be the benefits of running a publisher Node?

By running a publisher node, individuals will contribute to the network’s security and transaction verification processes, ensuring its decentralization and resilience against potential attacks. This system helps prevent any single entity from having excessive control over the network, fostering a community-owned and community-controlled environment. Above all, it will be an easy way for Web2 users (website and app owners) to convert to Web3. Publisher nodes will nominate the Masternode owner they want to delegate their powers to for the network validation, and will vote accordingly for masternodes they trust.


Publisher Node vs Master Node vs Staking

Staking, Master Nodes, and Publisher Nodes offer unique opportunities for individuals to participate in decentralized networks and earn rewards. Staking involves holding tokens to support the network, with rewards based on the staking time. Master Nodes are scarce by nature and will participate directly in the consensus of the network.  Publisher Nodes will contribute to network security by delegating to Masternode for the network consensus. This is a key differentiator between a masternode and Publisher node.

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