Understanding Gather Token ($GTH)

Understanding Gather Token ($GTH)

Posted by admin on June 18, 2021

Gather offers a cost-effective cloud computing solution for businesses’ complex computational operations. With Gather Cloud, companies can lower their costs and unlock new revenue streams. To give you a better understanding, Gather is a cloud computing network that provides publishers with an opportunity, regardless of where they are, to monetize their site through token incentives. That means users who visit a Gather-enabled website are asked if they would like to opt-in. If the users accept the terms, they then proceed by lending their excess processing power to the Gather network while consuming the content held onsite. This provides content creators with an alternative means to monetize their content, and web users a non-intrusive way of utilizing their web usage.

In order for this to be feasible and for everyone to make an extra earn from the Gather ecosystem, the network is supported by its native token, GTH. The GTH token will have a number of uses within the network. The native token of Gather network is used as a medium of exchange as well as use cases such as gas fees, network interaction charges, settlement and processing power related charges for the Gather Cloud. In addition to that, $GTH handles settlement of Gather online rewards, incentive for masternodes and staking, as well as e-governance for voting on the token’s future.

Gather nodes make the backbone of the network. For example, staking 250,000 GTH and running a node provides a valuable amount of GTH tokens that can rack up a yearly reward up to 100% in the case of the first 80 nodes. This will ultimately decrease around 40% by node number 200. The creation of 200 nodes on the network would tie up rising numbers of tokens in the staking program. This will create a base price for GTH to ensure all its velocity is kept low.
Stakers at all levels will be able to run nodes and lock their GTH tokens into their wallets making them earn even more GTH (locked).

Around 20% of the earnings from clients will be filtered into a GTH buyback and burn scheme, and whoever uses gather will be aiding in reducing the overall supply of tokens. One concern is in order to have the incentives lined up to make a sharing economy work seamlessly with the tokens, the tokens incentives must reward holders for engaging in activities that is deemed beneficial for the overall health of the network.

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