Unveiling Gather’ Trends & Advancements: Insights from our CEO Reggie and CMO Ayhan

Unveiling Gather’ Trends & Advancements: Insights from our CEO Reggie and CMO Ayhan

Posted by Arnold on May 22, 2023


In an insightful live session held on May 19, 2023, Gather’s CEO, Raghav Reggie Jerath, and CMO, Ayhan, unveiled valuable insights about prevailing market trends and the company’s ongoing developments. This blog post aims to provide an in-depth summary of the session, delving into key topics such as rebranding updates, a strategic shift towards layer one and developers, and upcoming initiatives including a hackathon and focused research and development efforts. Let’s explore the details shared by Reggie and Ayhan that shed light on Gather’s current trajectory.


Rebranding Updates and Narrative Shift:

Reggie and Ayhan commenced the session by addressing Gather’s rebranding endeavors. With meticulous attention to detail, the team has been meticulously crafting various styles, logos, and materials to ensure a captivating rebranding experience. After numerous iterations and incorporating valuable feedback, they are now nearing the finalization stage. In the coming weeks, users can expect a gradual integration of the new logo across Gather’s communication channels. Furthermore, the company is also revamping its website to align with the narrative shift towards layer one and developers. This strategic focus aims to attract a wider user base and foster developer acquisition.


Hackathon for Developer Acquisition:

The session highlighted an exciting upcoming hackathon organized by Gather. This hackathon seeks to attract decentralized applications (DApps) developers to build on Gather’s robust layer one platform. The objective is to encourage innovative solutions that leverage the advantages of Gather’s near-zero transaction fees and swift transaction speeds. Participants will have the opportunity to address problem statements provided by Gather, which include creating wallets with enhanced user experiences. The hackathon will feature a blend of online and offline events, enabling developers to showcase their solutions and foster collaboration within the vibrant Gather community.


Ongoing Research and Development Efforts:

Reggie and Ayhan emphasized Gather’s unwavering dedication to research and development, particularly in enhancing transactions per second (TPS) and optimizing blockchain speed. The company has been meticulously testing different architecture solutions, such as the Solana infrastructure, to achieve faster transactions at reduced costs. While they hinted at ongoing testing with another solution, specific details were not disclosed during the session. Gather’s overarching goal is to establish publisher nodes, enabling publishers to generate increased revenue. Additionally, Gather envisions decentralizing the validation process through the implementation of a master node structure where the masternode owner is assigned/selected by the publisher nodes for the validator and masternode+publishers form the validator requirements together.


Future Plans and Expectations:

Looking ahead, Gather aims to put the publisher node cycle in action. Publishers can already begin generating revenue by integrating Gather Online on their websites today, and with the upcoming changes, they can amplify their earnings by running a node. The development of the validator structure stands as a pivotal initiative, uniting and validating the blockchain through a decentralized network of nodes. While the process may seem intricate, Gather is committed to simplifying it and providing clear explanations of the underlying economics and incentives.



The live session featuring Reggie and Ayhan was a treasure trove of valuable insights into Gather’s current market trends and ongoing developments. The company’s meticulous rebranding efforts, narrative shift, and emphasis on layer one and developers signify its commitment to adapting to market demands. The forthcoming hackathon and research and development initiatives underscore Gather’s dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration within the developer community. As Gather continues to make strides in the crypto industry, users can expect exciting updates and unparalleled opportunities to participate in the platform’s remarkable growth.


Disclaimer: The above transcript has been carefully edited and condensed for enhanced clarity and brevity. Additionally, for an immersive experience, you can catch all the valuable insights, engaging discussions, and visionary plans by watching the video session here: https://youtu.be/tHrD6Kmlzok

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Gather is building a new blockchain protocol where publishers will be incentivized to run nodes to become one of the most decentralized networks and earn more via their visitors, while developers can create dApps thanks to low fees and fast transactions. Gather Online is the first decentralized application (dApp) released by Gather that allows websites and apps to monetize without or in addition to ads.

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