Year-To-Date Tech Updates: Igniting the Future of Blockchain Development!

Year-To-Date Tech Updates: Igniting the Future of Blockchain Development!

Posted by Arnold on May 23, 2023

It’s time to delve into the significant technological advancements that have unfolded at Gather since the beginning of the year. As we approach the halfway mark, we’d like to share a comprehensive update on our progress from January to May. Join us on this insightful journey to explore the highlights of our tech updates.


Brace yourselves for the incredible progress we’ve made from January to May!



  • Completed blockchain capacity testing.
  • L1/L2 Research: Solana VM – Basic cluster setup (with one validator), Basic first level Solidity-to-Solana migration of dApps with high level roadmap created
  • Unstoppable Domains integration, empowering seamless decentralized experiences.
  • Automated publisher rewards with weekly distribution on Mondays.
  • Revamped website and Gather Bridge UI, perfecting your user experience.



  • L1/L2 Research – Solana VM: Cluster setup, SOL to GTH customization
  • Liberty Finance contract verification on testnet
  • Streamlined communication with developers through organized Discord channels, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Main-net infrastructure upgrades, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Resolved issues and enhancements across platforms, perfecting your development journey.



  • Metakeep exploration, opening doors to walletless experience for publishers.
  • Explored alternative bridge solutions.
  • Metaverse demos for a Client, for a potential metaverse on the Gather chain.
  • Enhanced AWS infrastructure and evaluated cost-effective cloud service providers, optimizing scalability and affordability.
  • Solana VM: PoC for dApp migration.



  • Resolved latency and wallet issues, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Continuous monitoring improvements, ensuring a smooth transactional landscape.
  • L1/L2 Research:
    • Migrated testnet nodes and documented rewards models, ensuring a robust foundation.
    • Evaluated [Redacted] chain and introduced new design concepts, broadening our possibilities.
  • Implemented token revoker for Gather testnet
  • Strengthened partnerships and implemented token functionalities, expanding our ecosystem.


May (Ongoing):

  • Finalizing [Redacted] chain architecture, evaluating it as an option for an exceptional developer experience.
  • Explorer version update, providing better experience for the users .
  • Rigorously testing and refining Client (Contracted Business) functionality, ensuring a flawless user interface.
  • Comprehensive review of applications and documentation, fortifying our commitment to excellence.


These highlights merely scratch the surface of our extraordinary journey. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments by following us on social media and subscribing to our announcement channel. Thank you for your unwavering support, and together, let’s shape the limitless future of blockchain technology!


Keep exploring, keep innovating, and keep dreaming big!


About Gather

Gather is building a new blockchain protocol where publishers will be incentivized to run nodes to become one of the most decentralized networks and earn more via their visitors, while developers can create dApps thanks to low fees and fast transactions. Gather Online is the first decentralized application (dApp) released by Gather that allows websites and apps to monetize without or in addition to ads.

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